Strawberry Cream Ceylon Tea

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Strawberry Cream Ceylon

In this modern era, everyone is super health conscious as we are facing the pandemic of COVID-19. Everybody wants to improve his or her immunity as it is now the race of survival for the fittest. Every person loves his health as well as body and desires the best for it. Everyone is a discoverer at individual level as now a days advanced knowledge is easily in our access in the form of mobile phones.

 I am probably one of those curious people. On my way of exploration of new world, I met with a very beneficial, nutritious and healthy tea. We all are the lovers of tea as it is the second most consumed beverage after water in the whole world. The name of my favorite tea is “Strawberry Cream Ceylon” by feel great tea. It is my best friend during my snack time as it is my delightful refresher of busy and monotonous life with its sour and sweet taste.

It is a functional tea with nutraceutical properties. Its nutritious ingredients that cherish my body are soothing Black tea, yummy Strawberry bits, colorful Hibiscus flower petals, nutritious dried Apple bits and red Rosehip peels. It is a very healthy infusion of tea, fruits and flowers.

Black tea is its ingredient with bioactive compound Theaflavin that belongs to polyphenols. This compound is responsible for the characteristic color and taste of black tea. It has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer and antiobesity potential. It is good for skin and stimulates immune system of our body against infection. It also aids to treat cancer.

Its core constituent is Strawberry bits that is most popularly consumed berry in the world. It is a value pack of variety of bioactive compounds. It is rich source of Flavonoids like anthocyanins, flavonols and flavanols that is the sub class of polyphenols.

It has high content of vitamin C that is responsible for its antioxidant potential that glows skin and reduces inflammation during gout.

It also contains vitamin B9 (Folate) that prevents neural tube defects, heart defects and malformations of limbs during pregnancy. It also improves folate deficiency and prevents form megaloblastic anemia.

Its third ingredient is Hibiscus flower petals. India is its origin. It is a non-toxic edible flower with sour taste. It can be used in various forms as food ingredient such as in salads, soups and as tea in dried form. Its bioactive ingredients are vitamin C and flavonoids such as terpenoids, alkaloids and anthocyanins. It reduces oxidative stress in human body due to its antioxidant potential. It glows skin by increasing blood flow to skin. It acts as antiseptic, mild laxative and improves digestion. It is cardioprotective and neuroprotective.

Its fourth ingredient is Apple bits. It is the second most consumed fruit in the world after Banana. Its bioactive ingredients are flavonoids and other phenolics such as Hydroxybenzoic acid and Hydroxycinnamic acid. It is the second most potential source of phenolics after canberries. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and hepatoprotective potential. It is good for weight management, aging, Alzheimer’s disease, urinary and colorectal cancer.

Its last ingredient is rosehip peel. These are the peels of rose fleshy fruits. It is a natural and healthy preservative that we use for increasing the shelf life of our tea.  It has anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic potential. Its active ingredients are vitamin C, phenols like proanthocyanins, folate, catechins and Gallic acid. Its herbal tea has therapeutic effects against cold, infection, diarrhea, inflammation and pain. It is good for kidney health and osteoporosis patients.

It is more than a tea with numerous functional and nutraceutical properties. It has vast health benefits with nutritious taste. It is a phenolic tea with potent antioxidant potential.