Our Promise

The foundation of our recommendation is openness and integrity. This allows our algorithm to take into account your personal health goals and lifestyle. This personalization is based on extensive research and the efficiency of different types of tea.

The Important Ingredients

Technology has presented us with in-depth research on the hundreds of ingredients available specifically for tea. This information has been studied over for countless hours by our expert research team and we can honestly say we know more about certain ingredients over others. This is why we are classifying each product based on the level of existing research.


In an industry filled with magic teas, and fine print, we’re here to deliver a sincere clean alternative.

Our Research

We believe in honest research and passing that along to you. So with every tea purchase you will be able to see the research process that the specific blend is in. All teas no matter if they are Strong, Developed Or Mixed research come with our guarantee that they are of the best quality.