Spearmint Tea

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Spearmint tea, also known as (Mentha spicate) is an aromatic herb from the mint family. Spearmint is native to Europe and Asia and has been naturalized to other parts of the world as well.

Its taste is quite similar to peppermint but is much smoother and sweeter. Spearmint tea is Caffeine-free and perfect for after lunch and after dinner indulgence.

When in the mood for a soothing, calming effect, you can enjoy spearmint tea and have it iced cold on a hot day or hot on a cool night, and it Will help your digestive system as well.


  • Great for digestion: Spearmint Tea will relieve weak digestive symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and bloating, as it contains many anti-oxidants.
  • High in Anti-oxidants: Spearmint contains many anti-oxidant compounds, including Rosmarinus acid, flavones, and flavanones like limonene and menthol, which help relieve digestive issues like the ones mentioned above. Two tablespoons (11 grams) of spearmint also provides 2% of the Recommended Daily Intake of vitamin C, another potent anti-oxidant.
  • Provides relief with Hormone Imbalances: Many women go through issues with hormones, and Spearmint tea has just the right makeup to tackle these problems. Two cups of spearmint tea daily decrease testosterone hormones and increase LH, FSH, and estradiol levels, increasing female hormones necessary for ovulation.
  • May improve memory: Although research is ongoing, the tea has so far shown positive results in older adults’ memory.
  • May help reduce stress: The tea is also well known for relieving stress and anxiety symptoms. The leaves of the Spearmint plant contain menthol, which has a relaxing and soothing effect on the body.
  • May help with Arthritis Pain: Spearmint has beneficial effects on arthritis pain as tea made from this herb can reduce stiffness and relax muscles, reducing pain and discomfort caused by arthritis.
  • May help lower blood pressure: A compound in spearmint called carvone has shown to act similarly to calcium-channel blockers and the medications used to treat high blood pressure. As a result, making it a natural and healthy alternative to chemically formed substances.

How to make the tea?

Spearmint tea is pretty straightforward to make at home.

  1. Just Boil two cups of water.
  2. Remove from heat and add a handful of spearmint leaves from the soul food packet to the water.
  3. Cover and steep for five minutes. Add more leaves if you want it stronger.
  4. And then strain and drink.

This delicious aromatic herbal tea can be had cold or hot. Depending on your mood 😀