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Black tea and lavender is indeed a popular and delicious combination! The bold and robust flavor of black tea provides a great base for the floral and sweet notes of lavender. This combination creates a tea that is both comforting and calming, making it a great choice for a relaxing moment.

Lavender has long been used for its soothing properties, and is believed to help with reducing stress and promoting relaxation. When combined with the natural caffeine in black tea, it provides a balanced pick-me-up and calm-me-down effect.

Whether you enjoy it hot or iced, a cup of black tea with lavender is sure to transport you to a state of peace and tranquility. So why not give it a try today?


15 plant-based tea bags (2g / tea bag)

How to Brew:

1 tea bag per cup  |   95°C  |  3-5mins

Enjoy with:

Perfect on its own or with a dash of honey


Black tea, Lavender Petals